hopi medical the teleconsultation solution.

15 years of research and development and 10 years of user experience have led to the most advanced technology in the telehealth industry.

A unique and deep interoperability with all the telemedicine platforms will enable doctors to provide a comprehensive physical examination remotely at medical practices as well as hospitals.

So that only distance fades in favor of medicine. So that teleconsultation really rhymes with consultation, and allows all stages to be performed, at any distance.


Designed for teleconsultation

LimStar is the trolley offering the most comprehensive integration of teleconsultation. Combining maximum autonomy, maximum mobility and maximum hygiene, it allows for the most complete non-invasive examinations. It makes it possible to call on all medical specialties, providing the site where it is installed with the expertise of a hospital.

Real remote medical consultations, with complete examination.


Light evolution

Simplified trolley offering the essentials of teleconsultation within any type of facility. Retaining the mobility and examination qualities of LimStar, it ideally equips medical-social centers, without sacrificing medical quality.

Visits to your patients anywhere, anytime.


teleconsultation at home

The lightweight of Wallet, its compacity and specifically designed shape, inspired by doctors’ satchels, make it the ideal solution for teleconsultations at home. As easy to carry as it is to operate, it finds its place everywhere, for complete examinations without tradeoffs.

Fully operational for medical consultations without delay.


All-terrain teleconsultation

Durable, waterproof and portable, FMC allows access to quality care anywhere. IP67 and STANAG certified, it incorporates all our know-how and offers unique deployment capabilities. As soon as you open it, it is operational for medical consultations without delay.